Goth DJ | Industrial DJ | Remixer | Producer

KITTY is a DJ and Producer who mixes modern and vintage Goth, Industrial, New Wave, Dark Wave, Post Punk, and other styles of Alternative Music.

Remix credits include Beauty In Chaos, Simon Gallup (The Cure), Wayne Hussey (The Mission), The Membranes, Andi Sex Gang, Rubella Ballet, The March Violets, Kommunity FK, Still Patient?, Lestat, ANKST, Strap On Halo, Angels Of Liberty, Das Projekt, Dilemma, and many more.

Old School Goth

Batcave Goth DJ Mix

Non-stop Goth Batcave DJ mix.

Specimen. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Xmal Deutschland. Alien Sex Fiend. Virgin Prunes. Death Cult. Sex Gang Children. Salvation. The Sisters Of Mercy. Bauhaus. Sex Beat. Zero Le Creche. Test Dept.

Old School Goth DJ Mix I

Non-stop 80's Goth DJ mix.

Bauhaus. Fields Of The Nephilim. The Sisters Of Mercy. Death Cult. Gene Loves Jezebel. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Kommunity FK. Skeletal Family. Virgin Prunes. Xmal Deutschland. The Mission. The Cure. Sex Gang Children.

Old School Goth DJ Mix II

Non-stop 1980's Goth DJ mix.

1919. Gargoyle Sox. Rubella Ballet. Siiiii. 13th Chime. Part 1. The Tempest. Screams For Tina. BFG. The March Violets. Dance Chapter. UK Decay.

40 Years Of Goth (1979-2019)

Non-Stop Goth DJ mix.




Melancholy layers of rain, echoes, and Gothic sadness.

This Vale Of Tears. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Double Echo. Dr. Arthur Krause. Lestat. The Sisters Of Mercy. The Eternal Fall. Disjecta Membra. Strap On Halo. Monument. Grauzone. In Search Of Beauty. The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi. A Blaze Colour. Schleimer K. The Cure.

Goth DarkWave

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix I

Non-stop Goth, and Darkwave DJ mix.

Bauhaus. Dr Arthur Krause. Jacquy Bitch. Ex-VoTo. Tot Licht. Ghosting. ANKST. Shadow Image. Asylum XIII. Strap On Halo. Lestat. Angels Of Liberty. Cottage 3.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix II

Non-stop Goth and Dark Wave DJ mix.

Jacquy Bitch. Dr. Arthur Krause. Ikon. Pictures Of Agony. Inkubus Sukkubus. Snakedance. Das Projekt Der Krummen Mauern. The Cemetary Girlz. Suspiria. ANKST. MekRokieV. Angels Of Liberty. Rozz Williams.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix III

Non-stop Goth Darkwave Gloom DJ mix.

Corpus Principium. Soulscape. Abderian. Ending The Vicious Cycle. Guilty Strangers. Angels Of Liberty. Strap On Halo. Cauda Pavonis. Last Dusk. ANKST. Madness Of The Night. Elegy Of Madeline. Gräuen Pestanz.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix IV

Non-stop Darkwave and Gothic DJ mix.

Element. Lestat. The Creatures. London After Midnight. Hatesex. ZXZ. Strap on Halo. Tot Licht. Scarlet Leaves. Il Giardino Violetto. Violet Stigmata. Reliquary. The Eternal Fall. Der Klinke. Switchblade Symphony. In Mitra Medusa INRI. Will. Kult Of Red Pyramid.

Goth DarkWave (And Industrial) DJ Mix V

Non-stop Goth and Industrial DJ mix.

Tot Licht, Horror Vacuii. Segundo Inverno. Hysteric Helen, The Cemetary Girlz. Plastique Noir. Acid Bats. Eat Your Make-Up. Kaustikutt. Eyaculación Post Mortem. Der Klinke. By Any Means Necessary. //TENSE//. Autodafeh. Decoded Feedback. Asphyxia. Breathe. Infact. Gatekeeper. White Car. ANKST.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix VI

Non-stop Goth and Darkwave DJ mix.

Disjecta Membra. Dr. Arthur Krause. Mekrokiev. The Drowning Season. Aeon Sable. Angels Of Liberty. Madness Of The Night. Abderian. Erato. Merciful Nuns. Das Projekt. ANKST. Big Electric Cat. Shadow Image. They Feed At Night.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix VII

Non-stop Goth and Darkwave DJ mix.

John Carpenter. Dryland. Libitina. Kathedral. Nosferatu. Angels Of Liberty. ANKST. Lullaby And The Bats. Lithos Sarcophagos. Plastique Noir. Cauda Pavonis. Pretentious, Moi?. They Feed At Night.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix VIII

Non-stop Goth and Darkwave DJ mix.

Seraphim Shock. Abderian. The House Of Usher. Malaise. Dr. Arthur Krause. ANKST. Inkubus Sukkubus. The Drowning Season. Soulscape. After Dusk. The Council Of Days. Cauda Pavonis. Flowers Can Burn. Edenfall.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix IX

Non-stop Goth and Darkwave DJ mix.

ANKST. Remain In Light. The Merry Thoughts. Vendemmian. Dr. Arthur Krause. Nosferatu. Dead Souls Rising. Pretentious, Moi?. Seraphim Shock. Cockatoo. Reliquary. This Vale Of Tears. Cauda Pavonis.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix X

Non-stop Gothic and Darkwave DJ mix.

The Cure. The Creatures. Sapphire Solace. Cockatoo. The RaZor Skyline. Diva Destruction. Dr. Arthur Krause. ANKST. London After Midnight. The Sisters Of Mercy. The Eternal Fall. Strap On Halo. Violet Stigmata.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix XI

Non-stop Goth Industrial Darkwave Witch House DJ mix.

†Ħ3 ĈHΔM3Ł3ØͶ$. †Ħ3 ĈVR3. $K3Ł3†ΔŁ FΔMǂŁ¥. $ǂØVЖ$ǂ3 ΔͶĐ †Ħ3 8ΔͶ$Ħ33$. ĈØĈ†3ΔV †ŴǂͶ$. ЖMΔŁ Đ3V†$CĦŁΔͶĐ. †Ħ3 Mǂ$$ǂØͶ. CŁΔͶ ØV Ж¥MØЖ. †Ħ3 8ØŁ$ĦØǂ. †Ħ3 $ǂ$†3Я$ ØV M3ЯĈ¥.

Goth DarkWave DJ Mix XII

Non-stop Gothic Industrial Darkwave DJ mix.

Delerium. Still Silent. Diva Destruction. Luna Reign. Switchblade Symphony. Bauhaus. Skinny Puppy. Clouds By Night. Will. Les Modules Etranges. Donamorte. Cocteau Twins. ASP. Black Nail Cabaret. In Absentia.

Dark 80s

Dark 80s 1

DJ mix 80s New Wave and Post-Punk tracks.

No More. Wall Of Voodoo. Polyphonic Size. Red Zebra. Tuxedomoon. Dead Kennedys. Poesie Noire. Athletico Spizz 80. Nacht Und Nebel. The Cassandra Complex. Department S. Grauzone.

Dark 80s 2

DJ mix 80s Goth tracks.

Bauhaus. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Rudimentary Peni. Joy Division. 1919. Ausgang. Sex Gang Children. The Sisters Of Mercy. The Names. The Cure. Clan Of Xymox. Alien Sex Fiend. Cabaret Voltaire.

Dark 80s 3

DJ mix 80s New Wave Dance tracks.

Gary Numan. Klaus Nomi. The Psychedelic Furs. New Order. Depeche Mode. Real Life. Pete Shelley. Pseudo Echo. Gang Of Four. Yellow Magic Orchestra. Soft Cell. A Flock Of Seagulls. Wall Of Voodoo.

Dark 80s 4

DJ mix 80s Batcave and Goth tracks.

The Gun Club. The Cramps. The Meteors. The Birthday Party. Bone Orchard. Sex Gang Children. Xmal Deutschland. Christian Death. Bauhaus. Joy Division. Virgin Prunes. The Names. Clan Of Xymox. The Sisters Of Mercy. Ministry. The Cure. Siouxsie And The Banshees.

Dark 80s 5

DJ mix 80s Synthpop and Industrial tracks.

Psyche. Ruth. Cabaret Voltaire. Coil. Metro Pakt. Liasons Dangereuses. Charlie. Los Microwaves. Grauzone. The Neon Judgement. Die Form. Design. Poesie Noire. Skinny Puppy. Front 242. Throbbing Gristle.

Dark 80s 6

DJ mix 80s Coldwave and Industrial tracks.

Executive Slacks. Die Form. The Neon Judgement. Crash Course In Science. Front 242. Guerre Froide. Grauzone. No More. Snowy Red. DAF. Severed Heads. Logic System. Cinema 90.

Dark 80s 7

DJ mix 80s Coldwave and Minimal Synth Wave tracks.

Martin Dupont. P1/E. Kas Product. The Neon Judgement. Clair Obscur. Aerial FX. Inertia. Informatics. John Foxx. Iron Curtain. Cinema 90. Die Form. Severed Heads. Jyl. Van Kaye & Ignit. Stress. Christof Glowalla. Saal 2.

Dark 80s 8

DJ mix 80s Coldwave and Minimal Wave tracks.

Grace Jones. Snowy Red. Human League. Carol. Death In June. Scattered Order. Tones On Tail. Fad Gadget. Severed Heads. Nine Circles. Xynn. Twice A Man. M Bryo & DMT. Vivien Goldman.

Dark 80s 9

DJ mix 80s Goth, Post-Punk, and Darkwave tracks.

The Cure. Xmal Deutschland. Clan Of Xymox. Joy Division. This Mortal Coil. Tones On Tail. Sex Gang Children. Love And Rockets. The Sisters Of Mercy. The Mission UK. Cocteau Twins. Bauhaus. Attrition.

Dark 80s 10

DJ mix 80s Darkwave and Synth Wave tracks.

Cabaret Voltaire. Dalis Car. Attrition. The Cure. Coil. This Mortal Coil. Cocteau Twins. Dead Can Dance. Joy Division. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Suicide. Throbbing Gristle.

Dark 80s 11

DJ mix 80s Industrial and Minimal Synth Wave tracks.

Absolute Body Control. Snowy Red. The Neon Judgement. Skinny Puppy. Front 242. Crash Course In Science. Throbbing Gristle. Boyd Rice. Frank Tovey. A Blaze Colour. CTI. Die Form. Alexander Robotnick. Model 500. Phuture. A Number Of Names.

Dark 80s 12

DJ mix 80s Industrial Dance tracks.

Front 242. Nitzer Ebb. Microchip League. The Invincible Limit. Tribantura. Bigod 20. Robotiko Rejekto. Vomito Negro. Skinny Puppy. In Sotto Voce. Ministry.

Dark 80s 13

DJ mix 80s Coldwave and Minimal Synth Wave tracks.

Die Form. Absolute Body Control. Experimental Products. Mono 45/UPM. Chris & Cosey. The Future. Fast Forward. Nine Circles. Alexander Robotnick. P1/E. Ciaran Harte. Ti-Tho. VOK. Schleimer K. Twilight Ritual. Comix. Many special thanks to Lidia Fiala from Nine Circles.

Dark 80s 14

DJ mix 80s Coldwave and Minimal Synth Wave tracks.

Attrition. Grauzone. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. The Neon Judgement. Drinking Electricity. Guerre Froide. Die Form. Borghesia. Fad Gadget. Die Doraus Und Die Marinas. Liaisons Dangereuses. The Human League. Dave Ball. Many special thanks to Martin Bowes from Attrition.

Dark 80s 15

Songs about vampires, bus rides, and fish sticks.
DJ mix 80s Post-Punk, Neue Deutsche Welle, Coldwave and Minimal Wave tracks.

DZ Lectric. No More. Die Welttraumforscher. Trio. Last Four (4) Digits. Kleenex. Holger Hiller. Gedi Duroe. Second Layer. Alexander Robotnick. Systematics. Executive Slacks. Crash Course In Science. Los Microwaves. Doppler Effect. Reducers. Silent Types. Der Plan. Clock DVA. Not Mean Themselves. Alexander Von Borsig. Many special thanks to Tina Sanudakura from No More.

Dark 80s 16

DJ mix 80s Minimal Synth and Minimal Wave tracks.

Nine Circles. NON. Das Kabinette. The Normal. Polyphonic Size. Transparent Illusion. Fad Gadget. Turquoise Days. Suicide. Deux. Craig Sibley. Logic System. Dark Day. Smalts. Der Plan. Ensemble Pittoresque. Genocide. Many special thanks to Lidia Fiala from Nine Circles.

Dark 80s 17

DJ mix 80s Gothic Industrial and Synth Wave tracks.

Attrition. Boyd Rice. Bruce Gilbert. Einstürzende Neubauten. Coil. Factrix. Die Form. Throbbing Gristle. Clock DVA. NON. CTI. Many special thanks to Martin Bowes from Attrition.

Dark 80s 18

DJ mix 80s Gothic & Darkwave tracks.

Xmal Deutschland. Screaming Dead. The Chameleons. Fields Of The Nephilim. Theatre Of Hate. Clan Of Xymox. The Cure. Death In June. Skeletal Family. The Danse Society. The March Violets. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Joy Division.

Dark 80s 19

DJ mix 80s Goth & Batcave tracks.

Specimen. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Xmal Deutschland. Alien Sex Fiend. Virgin Prunes. Death Cult. Sex Gang Children. Salvation. The Sisters Of Mercy. Bauhaus. Sex Beat. Zero Le Creche. Test Dept.

Dark 80s 20

DJ mix 80s Post-Punk & Goth tracks.

13th Chime. Lè Travo. Dobri Isak. Twenty Four Hour World. Clair Obscur. Move. UK Decay. Gargoyle Sox. Scarecrow. Musta Paraati. Closed Session. Screams For Tina. Skeletal Family. Voodoo Church. Acute Logic.

Dark 80s 21

DJ mix 80s Goth and Darkwave tracks.

Siouxsie And The Banshees. Xmal Deutschland. The Cure. 13th Chime. Kommunity FK. The Sisters Of Mercy. The Birthday Party. The Cramps. Dead Kennedys. Bauhaus. Ministry. Alien Sex Fiend. UK Decay.

Dark 80s 22

DJ mix 80s Goth & Post-Punk tracks.

Dave Vanian. In Camera. Siekiera. Kiss The Blade. Der Mittelgang. Twenty Four Hour World. Skeletal Family. Villa 21. Meat Of Youth. Auto Mod. Zor Gabor. Astaron.


Andi Sex Gang - Syrian Plain (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Angels Of Liberty - Monster In Me (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Angels Of Liberty - Girl Under The Water (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

ANKST - Monument (KITTY LECTRO Remix)


BEAUTY IN CHAOS - Man Of Faith featuring Wayne Hussey and Simon Gallup (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

BEAUTY IN CHAOS x KITTY LECTRO - Darknesses featuring Wayne Hussey, Somon Gallup, Michael and Tish Ciravolo

Dilemma - Technical Irresolution (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Ending The Vicious Cycle - Ghosts (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Johnathan|Christian - Forgotten (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Kommunity FK - Doll Ov Thee Undead (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Lestat - Midnight Toll (KITTY LECTRO Remix)


RUBELLA BALLET x KITTY LECTRO - Vampire Wedding 2 (Horror Honeymoon)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Red Light (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Still Patient? - Impact (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Strap On Halo - It's All Over (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

Strap On Halo - Monsters (KITTY LECTRO Remix)

The Membranes - Nocturnal (KITTY LECTRO Remix)


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