Kitty Lectro - Goth Dark Wave DJ Mix 3

Corpus Principium - Shades Of Melancholy.
Soulscape - Winter Light.
Abderian - Dark Vixen.
Ending The Vicious Cycle - Ghosts (Kitty Lectro Remix).
Guilty Strangers - Snake.
Angels Of Liberty - Dead Tormented.
Strap On Halo - Monsters (Kitty Lectro Remix).
Cauda Pavonis - Terror In The Nursery.
Last Dusk - Scarlet Woman.
ANKST - Salem (Kitty Lectro Remix).
Madness Of The Night - We Are The Gothrockers And We Don't Care.
Elegy Of Madeline - Obsidian Glass.
Gräuen Pestanz - Ritus Excessum.

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