Kitty Lectro - World Goth Day DJ Mix 2011

Side A (The Graveyard Scene):
The New Life - Sopor Mortitia (Excerpt).
Plastique Noir - Shadowrun.
All Gone Dead - Within But Not Before.
Ikon - Echoes Of Silence.
Bat Nouveau - Dust.
Horror Vacuii - Todos Los Colores De La Oscuridad.
Voodoo Church - Glass Pyramid.
†13th Moon† - Re-Dr-Um.
Corpus Delicti - Absent Friend.
Eat Your Make Up - Might Is Right.
Bloody, Dead And Sexy - The Upper Floor.
Noctívagus - Corta-Me A Cabeça.
Scarlet's Remains - Fear Not.

Side B (The Golden Years):
Kommunity FK - Something Inside Me Has Died.
Christian Death - Deathwish.
Super Heroines - Embalmed Love.
Xmal Deutschland - Kaempfen.
UK Decay - The Black Cat.
Skeletal Family - Trees.
Specimen - Death Drive.
The Danse Society - Hide.
The Cure - The Hanging Garden.
The March Violets - Walk Into The Sun.
The Sisters Of Mercy - Walk Away.
Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours.
Bauhaus - She's In Parties.

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